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 PPA Cover, Extended Schools Programmes and  Key Stages 1 & 2

APS SPORT CAMPS has designed a number of sport and exercise programmes tailored to the individual needs of a school to address current government concerns about physical activity levels and healthy lifestyles in children and to alleviate the pressures on teaching staff.
We currently run programmes across Surrey, Greater London and the West Midlands.

The programmes offer sporting activities that follow National Curriculum guidelines for physical education and the skills framework.
Our sessions involve progressive learning where we provide performance assessment for teachers, parents and the children.
The programmes include the following 4 main areas of development:
1. Acquiring and Developing New Skills
2. Selecting and Applying Skills, Tactics and Ideas
3. Knowledge and Understanding of Health and Fitness
4. Evaluating and Improving Performance
APS SPORT CAMPS has a large pool of advanced DBS checked and qualified coaches and teachers who can cover sports and physical activity provision as well as PPA time for as much or as little as your school requires.

We bring experience, bundles of energy and a fresh face to the children through delivering a variety of unique sports, exercise and leisure programmes. We find that sometimes coming into Schools we offer a new voice, PE experience and expertise in which to enhance the children's learning.
All programmes aim to:
1) Raise PARTICIPATION levels in sport
2) Use sport and physical activity as a MOTIVATIONAL tool for young people
3) Provide FOCUSED activities
4) ENGAGE with all types of learners whilst developing LIFE SKILLS
  • Does your school have PPA Cover?

  • Are your PE lessons fun and exciting and following national standards?

  • Would you like to be coached by professional coaches and PE teachers?

  • Does your school teachers need time for preparation and planning according to new government regulations?

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